New 2021 : Quad rental
29 March 2022

You don’t have an enduro motorcycle or you come from far away. The solution is to rent us one or more motorcycles from our fleet.

The Fantic 250 xef, a real light and lively competition bike (only for riders with good experience).

The Land Rover of enduro: the Yamaha 250 WRF. She forgives a lot and climbs everywhere. Flexible and easy, it will allow you to evolve in safety and to learn.

For those who do not have the + 125 cc license and/or who have a B license (under certain conditions): the Vent by HM 125. Small 125 4 tps with a chassis of a large one. Ideal for learning and quickly taking yourself for a good pilot.

We can also provide you with the equipment. Motorcycles are available for hire ONLY with the guide service.