Driving in the Burgundy
7 April 2020
the crazy week end
31 July 2020

One of our most loyal clients asked us to design a dream holiday for his daughter’s 18th birthday, who was accompanied by her best friend. The guide tour took place from 13 to 15 March.

These two young girls have good predispositions because they are both amateur wine lovers beginners.

We have therefore crafted a very special getaway with an departure from Lyon and an overnight stay at the Cour des Loges. The day after, they had an initiation via the Wine University of Suze la Rousse but which was held at the Château de Montchat.

A tourist guide (Sandrine Defour) picked them up for lunch at the Grand Refectory and took them on a tour of Lyon.

They spent the night at Château les Oliviers la Salette in Charols. The next morning they had a specific wellness session.

Lunch at the restaurant was unfortunately cancelled because of Covid-19. It could be provided at the manager’s home. Our two ladies could thus tasted the wines of the Cave Teysseire.

Finally, in the afternoon, the winemaker, Jean Marie Teysseire and Frédéric, the Hedonist Tour’s manager, took them the two young girls to visit the vineyards by Quad.

Week end parfait pour elles.